Research Of Oil Pipelines On Selling The Maximum Hydraulic Impact Pressure In A Two-Component Flow

Zhonkobilov Ulugmurad Umbarovich, Zhonkobilov Sobir Ulugmurodovich, Razhabov Ulugbek Momoshoevich, Zhonkobilov Kuvandik Ulugmurodovich


The article is devoted to determining the intensity of hydraulic shock in pressure pipelines, taking into account the two-component flow. Based on the processing of the results of experimental studies, a dependence is proposed for calculating the maximum pressure during hydraulic shock. Достоверность полученной взаимосвязи доказана сопоставлением расчетных с опытными данными.


Water Hammer, Oil Pressure Line, Water Hammer Intensity, Ball Valve, Cut-Off, Optimal Technological Mode. Optimal Time For Shutting Down The Pipeline.

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