The Expression Analysis of KLF11, PCDH9 and TGF-Β2 Genes in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Mohammad Abdolrezaei Anary, Sajad Nooshin, Arash Matin Ahmadi, Alireza Tavakolpour Negari, Alireza Emamvirdizadeh, Mojtaba Mohammadnejad pahmadani, Shohre Zare Karizi



Background: Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer mortality in men and women in the worldwide. Studies have confirmed the presence of multiple and effective genes such as KLF11, PCDH9 and TGF-β2 can be involved in lung cancer. KLFs are transcriptional regulators that contribute to a wide range of cellular processes. PCDH9 gene belongs to the protocadherins family and its role is cell adhesion and TGF-β activates several proteins and signaling cascades including SMAD proteins and MAPK cascade. So, the aim of this study is to examine the expression of these genes.

Method: In this study, the expression of KLF11, PCDH9 and TGF-β2 genes were checked by Quantitative real time PCR in 30 NSCLC tissue samples and adjacent normal tissue samples.

Results: The results of these genes indicated that the expression level in tumor samples is not significantly different with normal samples (P>0.05). However, this study was designed as a pilot study, and further investigations are required to confirm our findings.


Lung cancer; KLF11; PCDH9; TGF-β2; Real Time-PCR; NSCLC.

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