Visualize The Colonial History of The Dutch East Indies Government in Lampung as A Local History Learning Media

Maskun Maskun, Henry Susanto, Sumargono Sumargono


The FKIP History Education of Lampung University courses has a "local history" course. However, until now, learning is still not optimal, so learning results are meager. Limited teaching materials are the source of learning, and learning media facilities are rarely used, such as documentary films about the materials taught. Therefore, efforts are required to develop teaching materials and learning media that meet the student's social and cultural environment. This research aims to visualize the history of Lamphong's Dutch East Indies colony through the use of documentary products packaged in CD to develop learning media for local history courses. The research method used is a research method or research and development (R&D) adapted and modified by Borg&Gall. The procedures include 1) preliminary research, 2) realization of media development and media use, and 4) product effectiveness testing. Product effectiveness testing is carried out through experimental methods. According to the analysis of the validity test results, there are differences in the learning results of the experimental class after the test, which is higher than the control group. The average score of the experimental class score (the group that has received advanced learning media) = 87.68> the average score of the control class learning score test (the group that has received too much) = 80,81. It proves that by visualizing the history of the Indians in the East of the Netherlands in the Lampung colony to learn media products, and effectively developed documentary products to enhance the prestige of local historical achievements.

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