Advanced Navigation Control Systems

Navya Arisetty, Naga Saikiranmai Aduri, Guru sankar Duppada, Nikhil Nalamasu, Yoga Balaji Putta


 Compared to the other major modes of transportation aircraft is the fastest mode till now with few challenges.  The major and important challenge is the safety of passengers. A small mistake regarding safety operations in aviation leads to demise of passengers and crew. In recent times and in history many flights had gone missing and highjacked. Even the information about some of the flights were unknown till now.  We even had a history about the airlines that pay-off a huge indemnity for an air crash.  Various navigation systems are present with the advanced navigation techniques from GPS to satellite navigation with many limitations.  There are even many safety considerations and advanced techniques that are in effect for the safety of passengers but the plane crashes had not been nullified. There is a need to improve the safety procedures and navigation systems for the safety of flights. This paper presents the information about the safe navigation systems that enables the safe flight. These methods and techniques are suggested based on the research and analysis of various missing flights and flight crashes. Using these navigation systems, highjack, flight crashes, missing flights can be reduced to a great extent. By incorporating these methods and systems on board, flight will be safer.


Aviation; Analysis; Communication; Navigation system; On-board; Safety

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