The Role Of Phraseological Units In The Study Of Uzbek Culture

Otabek Mukhamedovich Fayzulloev


The article is devoted to phraseological units potential units of linguoculturems of Uzbek and English languages.  The author analyzes a large range of proverbs and sayings with linguoculturems "Bosh" and "Head".  Similarities and differences of discussed units are justified by national-cultural values  of the peoples.


Linguoculturema, Cultural Linguistics, Invariant, Proverbs, Word Combinations, Moral Values, Customs And Traditions, Abutment Account, National Unit.

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About the author:

Otabek Mukhamedovich Fayzulloev, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philology, Associate Professor of the Department of English Literary Studies, Bukhara State University (Bukhara, Uzbekistan).



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