Analysis of Agricultural Leading Commodities and Determination of Base Areas in Langkat Regency (Food and Horticulture Subsector)

Nailul Khairati, Rahmanta ., Sri Fajar Ayu


Determination of superior commodities in a region is the first step towards the development of agriculture based on the concept of efficiency. One way that can be taken is to determine the superior commodities. This study aims to analyze what are the leading commodities of agriculture subsector of food crops and horticulture, to analyze wherever which is the base area of the Exclusive Commodities in Langkat Regency. This research was conducted in all sub-districts in Langkat Regency and limited to food crops and horticulture commodities. The data used are secondary data on production and GDP of Langkat Regency in 2011-2016 and reinforced with primary data. The method of analysis used is Location Quetion (LQ), Growth Ratio Model (MRP) and Overlay. For land-based commodities such as food crops and horticulture in this study the calculations are based on commodity production. The results of the analysis of LQ and MRP method determined that the superior commodities of food crops in the form of sweet potatoes and superior commodities of horticultural crops are watermelon. The result of analysis of the overlay is the Basis area of food crops are Kutambaru and Stabat sub-districts (4 commodities), horticultural crops are Besitang Subdistrict (4 Commodities).


Location Quetion, Overlay, Base Areas, Leading Commodities

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