Factors and Risks in Land Resources Administration System

I.L. Perovych, L.L. Perovych, O.J. Ludchak, N.M. Muzyka


Performed research is based on the wide use of system analysis, which allows to form a sequence of procedures for the development of managerial decisions and to determine the significance of the impact of their adoption; theoretical-analytical and statistical analysis to justify the expediency of using certain groups of factors for the modeling of land resources administration processes; the methodology for building the theoretical and analytical PESTLE model and the risk theory to evaluate the results of the developed managerial decisions.
The main groups of factors are determined. On this basis, a theoretical and analytical database is formed which can be used for modeling of management decisions; criteria for assessing the risks from decision-making are proposed.
The structural-logical scheme of interconnections between individual factors and their agents, which form the model of making management decisions in the field of land resources, is developed. The results of the research can be effectively used when creating strategic plans for socio-economic development of territories.


administration, land resources, modeling, factors, risks, evaluation.

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