Determining Msme’s Product Selling Price Based on Price Comparison on E-Commerce Site

Nani Krisnawaty Tachjar


Currently, people began to take advantage of e-commerce to reduce time with conventional shopping. With on-line shopping, people can save time, and energy because without having to visit the store, also traffic jams. In connection with this, emerged some e-commerce sites are often used as a reference for on-line shopping. From several sites, only three sites were chosen as research objects focusing on selling the price of the same product.

The initial stage of the research concluded that the determination of the selling price can not be done considering the difficulty of obtaining information from the sellers. Research is ultimately done by comparing prices obtained from two price comparison sites, to support the acquisition of information. Therefore, it is recommended in subsequent research to observe the sale of certain MSME products on various e-commerce sites and examine why the trend of sellers increases or decreases.


E-Commerce, Sites, Price Comparison Website

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