The Preventive Effect of Curcumin Analogs (AKS-k) From Cullilawan Oil as Hepatoprotector in Rats (Rattus norvegicus L.) Induced By CCl4

Imanuel berly delvis kapelle, Wasmen Manalu


Curcumin analogue from cullilawan oil using safrole as a precursor have the potential to cure liver function. The synthesis process method has an effect on its pharmacological effect. The effectiveness of this synthetic product as a deterrent to liver disease needs to be studied, so the aim of this study was to determine the preventive effect of curcumin analog from cullilawan oil as hepatoprotectors in rats (Rattus norvegicus L.) induced by CCl4. The method used is in vivo method using rats (Rattus norvegicus L.) and as a comparison material using turmeric extract (curcumin) and heap-q products. The results showed that AKS-k products had a preventive effect on liver function in male rats (Rattus norvegicus L.) induced by CCl4 with an effective dosition of 52 mg / 200g bb.


Hepatoprotector, AKS-k, Preventive, Rattus norvegicus L.

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