Increased Activity, Ability to Understand Concepts and Mathematical Problem Solving Through Guided Discovery Learning Models of Class VII.2 of SMP Negeri 15 Sijunjung Academic Year 2017/2018

Luci Deswita, Yerizon Yerizon, Ahmad Fauzan


This study aims to determine the increase in activity, the ability to understand concepts and solve mathematical problems using guided discovery learning models. This research is a classroom action research. There are two cycles in this study, where the results from one cycle become a reflection material to make improvements to the implementation of learning in the next cycle. The research subjects were 25 students of class VII.2 of SMP Negeri 15 Sijunjung. Research data was collected through observation and final tests. Indicator of achievement in this study is more than 60% of students who complete the understanding of the concept and more than 55% of students who complete the problem solving and reach 61% for student activities. The results of the data analysis showed that in the first cycle 48% of students were completed for understanding concepts and 40% of students were complete for problem solving, while in the second cycle there were 64% of students who were complete for understanding concepts and 56% of students who were complete for problem solving. Whereas for the activities of students in the first cycle had reached good criteria, but with a still low percentage of 61.6% and in the second cycle reached 77.6%, it was seen that there was an increase in activity from the first cycle to the second cycles by 16%. Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that guided discovery learning can improve students' activities, understanding concepts and mathematical problem solving

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