Investigation of KLF11 and LC3 genes expression in colorectal cancer patients

Mojtaba Mohammadnejad pahmadani, Fatemeh Jabari


Background: Colorectal cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths around the world. This type of cancer, like other cancers, is caused by the influence of environmental and genetic factors. One of the important mechanisms involved in cancer, especially colorectal cancer, is the autophagy mechanism. In this mechanism, important genes have been identified, including KLF11 and LC3 genes.

Method: To evaluate the gene expression level, forty colorectal tumor samples and forty adjacent normal samples were used for carrying out Real-Time PCR method and western blotting analysis.

Results: We reported that there is a significant difference in the expression level of KLF11 and LC3 genes in tumor samples compared to normal samples (P>0.05).

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