An Efficient Data Transmission in Smart Grids Using Edge Computing

Samson Hansen Sackey, Joseph Henry Anajemba, Samuel Nartey Kofie, Godwin Kobby Gakpo


In the world of smart grids, there has been improvements like protection, efficiency and environmental friendly power systems. With a huge amount of data transmitted through the IOT devices, cloud-only architecture could not hold the delay, throughput and response time of these data via the network. For that reason, the reference architecture with the involvement of the edge computing for smart grid is established. We considered discussing edge computing as an extension of the cloud, assisting the smart meters and IoT devices in smooth data transmission to and fro the entire smart grid. The edge nodes helps to ease load on cloud, improve its performance and efficiency, and also provide real-time calculating service. Performance relating to delay, throughput and response time of cloud services and edge services is shown and evaluated. Our simulation proved that the edge based smart grid architecture has a great improvement over the cloud state of the art technique.


Smart grid, Response time, Delay, Throughput, Edge computing

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