Liya Atma Winaya, Fatmariza Fatmariza, Isnarmi Moeis


This article discusses the factors that cause women to conduct narcotics crimes at the Women's Society Institute II Class B in Padang City. Data showed that there were as many as 52,847 narcotic criminals in 2017, as many as 46,853 people (96%) Are men and as many as 5,994. People (4%) Are women. The percentage of women narcotics consistently continues to increase. The purpose of the study was to describe the factors that led to the misuse of narcotic drugs among women. This type of research uses qualitative methods of various sources and literature. Data collection techniques are conducted with observations and interviews. While the data analysis techniques using models, Miles and Huberman. The results of this study showed that the factors of the cause of the woman to Do Crimes Act are: 1. Loss of family husband figure, 2. Urgent economic needs, 3. The linklands can thus be concluded that the women in the Correctional Institution class II B Padang are vulnerable to narcotic crimes because of the factors that affect it, the dominant factor is the loss of husband figures in Family and community environment.


factors; crime; narcotics; women

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