The Effect of Acid Bases Learning Media Using Android-Based Chemical Triangle Applications on Learning Outcomes of Class XI High School Students 3 in Padang City

Thariqul Husna, Rahadian Zainul


This study aims to determine the effect of acid base learning media using an Android application based on Chemistry Triangle towards learning outcomes. This research was conducted in January at High School 3 in Padang. The type of research used is a quasi-experimental with research design Non-equivalent Pretest-Posttest Controls Design. The population of this study was all students of class XI of the Public High School of Padang in academic year 2018/2019. The sampling technique in this study was a cluster sampling technique. The research sample was 71 students. The analysis technique used is the t-test . The results hypothesis testing using the t-test is obtained at 0.01 the research obtained shows the learning outcomes of students in the experimental class higher after the conducted study using learning media Android. Thus it can be concluded that there is effect Acid base learning media using an Android application based on Chemistry Triangle towards student learning outcomes.


Android Learning Media, Chemistry Triangle, Learning Outcomes, Acid Base.

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